Functional Testing


Diagnostic Testing


  • Food Sensitivities
  • Micronutrient
  • Hormonal Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing -MRT testing and LEAP protocol

Are you having trouble losing that weight? The problem may not be how much you are eating but what you are eating. Common healthy foods you eat daily, may be the culprit to your weight gain or lack of weight loss.

Do you suffer from any of the following;

  • Migraine
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Heartburn/GERD
  • Joint and/or Muscle Pain
  • Sinus problems
  • Skin Eruptions/ Irritation

What you are eating can play a large role with your symptoms. Food sensitivities and intolerances are not food allergies and do not give an immediate reaction therefore they are harder to detect. Food sensitivity testing will help you find out what foods can be causing your symptoms. We can guide you in getting tested for food sensitivities and/or intolerances.

Micronutrient Testing


Not feeling well and don’t understand why? Doctor’s don’t usually test for vitamins and mineral deficiencies therefore you may not know you are deficient. 

Vitamins and minerals play a huge role on how our bodies work and when  our levels of certain vitamins and/or minerals are suboptimal it can affect how we feel.  


Hormone Testing


Are you frustrated with conventional medicine? Does your doctor keep telling you everything is normal but you just don’t feel right? Are you reaching a certain age and wondering if your hormones are out of wack? Serum levels of your hormones don’t always show the whole picture. 

The Dutch Test offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Additionally, the daily (diurnal) pattern of free cortisol is included, along with melatonin (6-OHMS), 8-OHdG, and six organic acids.

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