The Salad Trap

Let’s talk about the salad trap. In an effort to lose some weight and eat healthier, you are ordering a salad instead of the burger and fries. Why is the scale not not budging?  Salads can be a very healthy option and can help decrease your total caloric intake for the day if done right but if done wrong…. They can backfire on you.  BIG TIME!

Most of us can benefit from increasing the amount of vegetables in our diets. Eating a salad is one of the easiest ways to fill up on all those wonderful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that we get from vegetables but here’s the deal. When you order a salad in a restaurant it can end up having more calories than that burger and fries. 

How is this possible? Well, look at the ingredients in your salad? Is it just veggies? What else is in your salad? Is there cheese, bacon, croutons, avocado, nuts, seeds, olives in your salad. If you added a protein source to your salad is the protein source grilled or breaded and fried? How about the dressing? What kind of dressing and how much was added? Some of these ingredients are healthy for you but can still pack on the calories if calorie reduction is your goal.

 Unfortunately, all these calories add up and your intentions of eating a lower calorie, healthier lunch or dinner has been sabotaged. Salads in restaurants can have more calories than ordering that burger and fries.