Weight Loss Pitfalls

Having problems losing weight? Maybe one of these common pitfalls are to blame:

  1. Waiting too long between meals

It happens all the time. You get busy and forget to eat. The next thing you know, you are famished and are ready to eat anything that is put in front of you. When we feel this way we are more likely to make poor food choices or over eat. It is best to eat something every 3-4 hours so that we never get that hungry and we can make better food choices. 

2. Eating for other reasons than hunger

Unfortunately we eat for many other reasons that don’t include physiological hunger. We need to stop and ask ourselves are we hungry or are we eating out of boredom, for emotional reasons etc,…

3. Mindless Eating

Are you paying attention to what you are eating and how much? Are you portioning out your food or are you just eating directly from the container? You may be eating more than you realize. Portioning food out, measuring it, weighing it may be useful so that you can see how much you are really eating. 

4. Not eating enough

Your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates in order to function optimally. If you are limiting any one macronutrient, your body may start to crave it thus leading to you not feeling satisfied and looking for more food.  

5. Comparing yourself to others

Everyone is different and everyone’s body will respond to diet and exercise differently. Just because eating a certain way is good for one person does not mean it is the best way for you to eat.  You need to listen to your body and if you need help, find a nutrition professional who will help you eat right for your body.